Started the game really well & had the better if the chances in the opening exchanges & more of them. A wee bit of slackness looked like it was creeping in as the half wore on, but we got to grips with it again very quickly.

I said pre-match that imo wee Forrest has been superb for us, especially at Hampden & that we’d be needing him to be on that kind of form again today & the wee man certainly was just that. His goal came just at a good time in the game to send us in at the interval on a major high, while Aberdeen were going in a man down and a goal down.

The disappointment for us was the challenge on Christie. I don’t think the Dons player (Ball) intentionally injured him. I felt he made a genuine attempt to get the ball but it doesn’t get away from the fact it was late, mistimed & dangerous so it was worthy of a yellow card & as he was already on a yellow, talk of it being ‘harsh’ from McInnes is sheer nonsense & deflecting from his teams poor discipline & his own.

If he wants to talk about the ref, maybe he can explain why Forrest was booked for diving, which from where I was sat looked like he did go down easily…but ignored Cosgrove constantly throwing himself to the ground. On at least a couple of occasions he told Cosgrove to get up and waved play on, yet he never earned a booking for his theatrics.

McInnes team did ok when in possession of the ball, but without it, they liked to put the boot in on a few occasions. To see Edoaurd get wrestled to the ground inside the box by a defender who isn’t even looking at the ball & then Aberdeen getting awarded for fouling our player is another baffling one we should be putting to McInnes and anyone looking to take issue with the officials while looking for a scapegoat.

Got to feel for Christie though. Only getting himself back up to speed after his previous injury & now it looks like he could be out again…probably the end of his season if the early reports are to be believed. We were lacking his creativity as well so that’s a big blow.

On the plus side, Rogic looked a lot sharper when he came on and it’s good to see him getting a goal. A cup game against Aberdeen at Hampden wouldn’t seem right without a Rogic goal ?.

Heard & read lots of groans pre-match from the boo Bhoys when the news came through that Hayes was playing ahead of Sinclair, but I personally thought Hayes had a cracking game. He was always looking to get involved, looked lively & carried a threat for us.

It wasn’t so much about individuals today, but it was a good team performance and now it looks like only the Scumbos stand between us and a historic TREBLE TREBLE ?

P.S raise a glass to wee Lenny. Lots among our own support were sadly wanting him to fail. I’m not saying I think he is or isn’t the answer to the managerial vacancy, but he stepped in, steadied the ship, put himself through a lot of shit that nobody should ever have to go through, and we owe him our 100% support for every minute he is taking charge of the team…temporary or permanent!